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Java (programming language)Java - programming language Internet service based on Java programming language - which will be available not only through personal computers, but also laptops, hand apparatus, mobile phones, televisions and any other electronic device connected to the network through wire or wireless - are the core of the new strategy of Sun Microsystems.

Java is a programming language which was originally developed by James Gosling and engineers of the company Sun Microsystems. Java as a core component of the Java platform was released to the public in 1995. Java even though most of the syntax of her is derived from the programming language C and C + +, it compared to these two languages ​​contains a model of the object with simple as well as support to smaller work right-to-right with systematic resources (eg memory). Programs written in Java, usually compiled bytecode that is executed in the Java virtual machine's (ang. Java Virtual Machine) which is independent of computer architecture.

Gosling this programming language was initially called Oak , under an oak tree that was seen from the window of his office. However, after the name was converted to Java's fault copyright because there was a programming language called Oak since 1991.


Java started with a project called "Oak" by James Gosling. Gosling-ut goals were to come to life in the virtual machine and a language that was familiar with the style of C and C + +. Implementation of the first was in 1995. He promised "a writing, Run anywhere" (WORA - Write Once, Run Anywhere), by supplying poultry to platoformat runtime without popular. In fact it is safe and its safety can be adjusted, allowing the entry of the network and file-limited yields. With the emergence of "Java 2" version was defeated with multiple configurations built for different platforms. For example, J2EE was for programs for firms and J2ME programming for mobile platforms like mobile phones, etc.. In 2006, new versions of "J2" was riemërtuan Java EE and Java SE.

 These are versions of Java project since 1997: 

JDK 1.1.4 (Sparkler) September 12, 1997

     JDK 1.1.5 (Pumpkin) 3 December, 1997
     JDK 1.1.6 (Abigail) 24 April, 1998
     JDK 1.1.7 (Brutus) September 28, 1998
     JDK 1.1.8 (Chelsea) 8 April, 1999

J2SE 1.2 (Playground) December 4, 1998

     J2SE 1.2.1 (none) March 30, 1999
     J2SE 1.2.2 (Cricket) 8 June 1999

J2SE 1.3 (Kestrel) 8 Maj, 2000

     J2SE 1.3.1 (Ladybird) 17 Maj, 2001

J2SE 1.4.0 (Merlin) 13 February 2002

     J2SE 1.4.1 (Hopper) 16 September, 2002
     J2SE 1.4.2 (Mantis) 26 June, 2003

J2SE 5.0 (1.5.0) (Tiger) 29 September, 2004
Java SE 6 (1.6.0) (Mustang) 11 Dec, 2006 [1]
Java SE 7 (1.7.0) (Dolphin) anticipated for 2008

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