How to protect from phishing

1. What is phishing?
Phishing is a method to steel info ( like username and password ) from a fake login page, and it save into a log. txt without without knowledge of the victim. This is phishing.

2. How to protect yourself from phishing?
Enter your login info correctly only in the correct places.
Never give your login info on any page that you are not registered, but only in trusted severs like youtube, google, faecbook etc

Be sure when you log into a site that is not fake

Always Be attentive on what you are doing the login page, always check the url if you are in right place. For example if you want to sign in to Facebook, then the url should be, not, or or other false pages.

Are you sure that you click links that are not false.
Always when you click a link, check out where he will grab link email, links can be camouflaged, eg sends you to hackforums instead send to, is also important because it protect you from a dangerous method called "Stealing cookie" which automatically steals your account, if you're logged in with previously at that site.
False sites typically distributed in email by introducing different servicing or persons, as for example sending emails from a site that you are registered, or any email of your friend's compromised.

What are you do if you encountered a phisher?
* Report the site immediately following url:
If you have received a message from your friend's account, notify your friend that you inform others of the dangers of phishing.
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