Stop programs that start with Windows

The more software you install on your computer, the more you willdelay the start of Windows when the computer starts. Many programs automatically added to the list of programs that start at startup and so the list can grow quite a lot.

Many people may know how to remove such software not to load the computer, but certainly there are those who do not know how wellthat can be done such a thing.

Some programs, like anti-virus or firewall software on, it is best toleave to be issued jointly with the computer. However, for most programs, their inception just extends the time of starting thecomputer. Exist a tool installed with Windows, called MSConfig,which allows quickly and easily see which software to start and stopthose who want. This tool is available and can be used on Windows7, Vista and XP.

MSConfig can also be used for other things to fix things, so be careful when working with it. If you are not confident working with it,then follow the steps shown in this article.

To use msconfig, open the Start menu and search box to enterMsconfig.exe. When you see Msconfig.exe, click on or press Enter,if indicated. If you use Windows XP, open the Run window from the Start menu and type Msconfig.exe and click OK.

Click the Startup tab in System Configuration window. A list of allinstalled programs will appear. To prevent a program not to startwith Windows, remove the mark from the desired program. Once you have completed all the programs you want, click OK.

A new window will open that will ask you that you need to restart yourcomputer so the computer is ready for change. Click Restart to restart your computer. If you are not ready to restart the computer, click Exit without restart.

There is a tool called CCleaner which allows detention of programsthat start automatically. In CCleaner, press the Tools button on the left side of the window and click Startup to see the list of programs.Enabled column shows the programs that start with Windows. Tostop these programs, select the program on the list and clickDisable. You also can do together to start with Windows if you clickEnable to stop the program name before.
CCleaner does not require restart of the computer, so you haveto do it yourself

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